IPlug: Prompt user input at ‘proper’ width

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Mar 062009

The IPlug framework with its associated gui makes it fairly easy to allow audio engineers to type plugin parameter values directly. Using the IPlug gui you can right click any control (default behavior, but we also covered how to allow editing with the left mouse button too) and get an input box to type your parameter value. The problem I have with the default behavior is the size of the default edit box. The width is a hard coded value that doesn’t look good over any of my plugin’s parameters. They always seemed to leave the text underneath poking out behind the sides of the edit boxes. Here is a simple fix to make the edit boxes match the width of your parameter displays.
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IPlug: Altered mouse button behavior

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Feb 092009

Developing a slick and polished gui for your VST plugin is less about graphics and more about creating a smooth customer experience. The default behavior of IPlug is to block mouse input when an ICaptionControl has edit focus (that’s the object you use to allow someone to type values into your parameters). If I have clicked on a value to type in it and decide to tweak a knob instead, then I don’t want to have to click back in the edit field and hit enter before being able to turn that other knob. I want to directly click on that other knob and have the edit field just go away. Here is an IPlug mod that will allow your VST plugin interface to work this way.
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IPlug: Fix for invisible user edit bug

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Feb 082009

The IPlug library for developing VST plugins has a bug causing the user edit window to get stuck open (but invisible) under some circumstances. This results in some sluggish UI behavior. This bug occurs in Windows with VST plugins and I have not been able to check for the bug in AU or Mac plugins using IPlug.

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Feb 052009

When you use a plugin from Waves or other “big name” you will be able to left click or double click to be able to type in settings. IPlug requires you use the right mouse button only. I wanted to be able to edit VST plugin parameters with the left mouse button so I added two new methods to ICaptionControl. Continue reading »

IPlug: Custom parameter values

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Feb 032009

IParam allows you to set special labels at particular values of your parameter’s range. For instance, you could have a volume fader that goes from 0dB at the top to -96dB at the bottom. What if instead you want the bottom to be muted and show “Mute” or “-oo” instead? Here’s how. Continue reading »

IPlug: Improved font rendering.

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Feb 032009

The font rendering in IPlug is a bit lacking. Out of the box, all text on a plugin must be the same style, size and weight. This practically forces you to use rendered text on the skin of your plugin, or you are restricted to boring text. Here is a solution for better font rendering on Windows. Continue reading »